Look how ARCI students are finding themselves and losing themselves with Art!

Our Post FCE Poets

This year we read the short story called DAZZLER, and as a follow-up activity I invited my students to write a haiku summarising their understanding of the story.
A haiku is a Japanese poem which consists of three lines, with the first and third line having five syllables, and the middle line having seven.
These poems are very short and try to capture a feeling or an image, many times connected to the natural world.
My students are very hard-working and creative, but they are not very fond of following rubrics, so they wrote haikus on the topics they pleased, and I would like to share them with you because, as they said, it’s not easy to write a haiku, and some of their productions are very profound, and some really light-hearted.
Although some of them do not follow the convention 5-7-5, they do have one of the features of haikus: they condense an idea, a feeling, an emotion, in just a few words.
We hope you like them. 

Life  is  very  brief
play, kiss, love, make  friends,  enjoy
before  it  all  ends.
                                                                                                                                     by Marta Serra

Lost in the  forest
scared without a hope in hell
found way to nanny.


If youthfulness knew
and  old-age could:
what  world this  would be!

At night on the beach
clams make nice love
clacking and clashing.


If to teach is to touch,
when you gently touch my soul
I do learn I am.

                                                                                                                  by Raul Antonio Coll
Teacher: Alicia Zuliani

Class: Post FCE

Our CAE "C" Art Fans

I started the project by introducing students to the subject of art. I gave them a 

questionnaire about how sensitive they were to art  and they had to fill in the 

questions with phrasal verbs which we were dealing with at the time. Next,  they had 

to discuss the questions in pairs, then as a class and finally, I told them they might do 

something in connection to the subject. I used Padlet to display my students' work,

and it was a great success! 

If you cannot see the display properly, please follow this link:


Teacher: Mariana Gieco

Class: CAE C

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