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Stages in Project Work


One of the units of Objective Advanced, the book we have been using at ARCI, is about speeches. It begins with a reading exercise of an extract of Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I Have a Dream.” 

As a follow-up, the book suggests an activity that consists of a debate on a current issue in teams and a presentation of the teams’ conclusions.


Designing Project Activities

I felt the debate needed some scaffolding and students needed information as well as specific vocabulary about their chosen issues.

That is why, after organizing themselves in teams of 4/5 students and deciding what issue they would address (it could be one of the issues suggested by the book or one of their own), I gave them a week’s time to browse the web to complete this worksheet: 

After the discussion, the book suggests that teams report back to the rest of the class through a presentation by an appointed spokesperson.

Conducting Project Activities 

However, I felt that the information discussed could be further processed and made into a multimedia presentation in which all the members of the team had a chance to contribute.

That’s why I invited each team to prepare a presentation about their issue along the following guidelines:

  • length: 8 – 10 minutes
  • use of multimedia resources: beamer, powerpoint, youtube (or any other) videos, music, photographs, etc.
  • participation of all the members of the team

We set dates for the different presentations and I encouraged them to do their best as they would be evaluated by their peers.

Project Outcomes 

Watch part of the presentations in the following video.


During the presentations, the rest of the class had to complete the following summary and assessment grid:

The purpose of the summary and the evaluation was to make sure the class would profit from the presentations and not just listen passively. As well as this, the score system turned the whole activity into a competition, which hopefully would motivate students even further. 

After the discussion, we held a humble awards ceremony during which I revealed the results of their assessment.


The whole project took about a month:

Teacher:  Mariana De Biassi

Class: CAE B

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