Four Corners and One Video

This project is the result of CAE B students' work with the song "Seven Years" by Lukas Graham. As a warm up, they did an activity called "4 corners", which involved walking to the corner of the room representing their favourite age (4 pieces of paper with the numbers 11, 20, 30 and 60 were posted in each corner of the room). In groups they brainstormed the reasons why that was their chosen age and then shared their ideas with the rest of the class.After watching the video of the song, I asked them to go home, look for a photo of their childhood they would like to share with their classmates and think of three or four lines to explain their feelings about the photos. I told them to imitate the rhyming patterns of the song, so that the descriptions would resemble short poems. Some weeks later they brought their work to class, passed the photos round and read their poems.  As a follow-up, I suggested making a video of their photos and poems with "7 years", the song that inspired their work, playing in the background. The video was compiled by Uriel Palacios, who is an expert in visual arts.

Mariana De Biassi 


  1. Loved it!!! Congratulations on your great job!!!

  2. Elisa CastaƱeda07 November, 2016

    Great project! Thanks for sharing it with students from other courses when we celebrated Cultura's 75th Anniversary. We all had a fantastic time.

  3. Lovely video, really touching! Congratulations on your hard work and thanks for sharing! =)

  4. Wonderful Mariana! My greetings to that creative bunch of poets! ;) And thank you for sharing!


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