Feeding the mind, the heart….and the soul

This project was the follow-up of “Feeding the Mind”, a unit in the coursebook, “Objective Advanced”. As the students had shown interest in a painting by Gainsborough, I thought they might enjoy interpreting one of their choice. I asked them to choose a painting they liked and then brainstorm 4 or 5 words. After that, I told them to write a short poem including those words. Finally, I invited them to think of a song that matched the spirit of the painting and the poem.

Upshot: when they presented their work, I was speechless. I was amazed at the quality of their work.

I wondered, “How come they were able to do this with such little input?”

Answer: the so much neglected role emotion plays in classroom motivation!

Historically, the psychological components of cognition, motivation and emotion have tended to be considered separately. However, Meyer and Turner (2002) suggest that, in real life situations, the three concepts operate synergistically.

Conclusion: the role of emotions should not be underestimated in language teaching. 

 Heaven by Natalia Erquicia

Liberty Leading the People by Sofía Rossit

Serenade by Valentina Ecalle

Shiny Stars by Micaela Vidoz

Starry Night by Luciana Lemos

Sur le mer, la nuit by Florencia Moreno

The Entombment of Atala by Milena Moroni

The Kiss by Patricia Paterno

Teacher: Mariana De Biassi
Class: CAE B

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