Cultural Readers Competition

We would like to show you our beautiful country and to do so we have created a fantasy character called Maria Paz. She will be in charge of showing the different corners of our country and telling you about our customs.

We believe that a good sense of humour helps understanding among people, which is surely Macmillan's aim with the Cultural Readers devoted to different countries in the world.

We have decided that our tourist guide should be Mafalda's daughter, Maria Paz (our own creation). Mafalda is a comic strip character from Argentina, probably the best-known Argentinian cartoon character abroad. This comic strip was written and drawn by Quino (an Argentinian cartoonist) and it appeared in newspapers and magazines between 1964 and 1973. It's been translated into many languages.

Mafalda is a six-year-old girl who cannot understand many things that are happening in the world or things that adults do. Mafalda is truly worried about world peace and the future of humanity, which is why we have chosen María Paz (Peace in English) as her daughter's name. She thinks adults are doing things wrongly. She is a very curious girl whose 'naive' questions are really thought-provoking.


Teacher: Alicia Zuliani
Class: Post- First Certificate

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