Book Walk

In today’s globalised individualistic world, sharing is a form of solidarity that can make us experience a feeling of globalised empathy and belonging. And at ARCI we did start enjoying the experience last Wednesday, April 23rd, on World Book Day! 
We celebrated it with a BookWalk. A Book what? A BookWalk! Based on the worldwide movement known as Bookcrossing, we coined the motto: 
bring, read and release a book. 
Students, teachers, and other staff members were invited to bring a book- either in Spanish or English- for about a week before April 23rd. Then, on the Big Day over 70 books were displayed on ARCI’s premises: on the main staircases, tables, chairs, windowsills, for everybody to hunt the one they liked, take it home to read, and later release it in our institute for somebody else to be able to enjoy it, again.

The BookWalk has only just started!

Let’s make books WALK

from classroom to classroom,

                       from teacher to teacher,

                                           from student to teacher!!!

Teacher: Claudia Saldaño

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