Reading Marathon

Throughout the year, some students approached me asking how they could enhance their knowledge and improve their skills to be better equipped to face the demands of the course. Apart from mentioning attending Self Access and handing in homework, I insisted on the importance of reading - a habit which, frequently because of lack of time, we neglect.

On Sep 30th, Fundación Leer launched the 9th National Reading Marathon. Students, teachers, relatives and volunteers gathered to enjoy reading at schools, libraries, clubs, etc. I thought it was a good opportunity to remind students of the importance of reading, so we celebrated this event in the library, devoting part of the class to reading for the sheer pleasure of it. After the initial surprise (students did not expect to have a class in the library!), they chose some short stories and sat down comfortably in the armchairs. When they finished reading, they made their recommendations on “literary emoticons”, and shared their comments about the stories with other students. 

As a follow-up activity, the students designed a poster combining images and their quotations on reading. We all participated enthusiastically and benefitted greatly from the activity.

Listen to CAE 'D' students' comments:

Teacher: Laura Gieco                     Artículo en Español
Class: CAE 'D' 

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  1. Excellent Project!
    Congratulations Lauri and CAE "D"!!!
    What a wonderful collection of wise thoughts!!!
    I've enjoyed reading them a lot!
    Keep on working hard!
    Silvia Colombo (FCE teacher)


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