Tea Party

Our project was the result of many talks we had in class during the first half of the year. Basically, at the beginning, students were interested in cultural and historical issues associated with The British Isles. Consequently, I (as a teacher ) took a map to the classroom since they even wanted to learn about the Commonwealth and topics connected with this.

By July, ARCI 70th Anniversary was also present in our talks and one of their concerns was associated with very name of the Institution. Why was it officially called ‘Cultura’ when people referred to it as ‘Cultural’? And so I told them about the Library and the concerts, plays, etc. that had taken place there. They agreed it was a real pity that all those events had been discontinued and were happy about the Film Festival held this year, for instance.

When we discussed our reader, ‘The Woman in White’, we devoted two complete 3 period  classes to the topic. I remember it was very cold (July in fact) and they were so involved that they did not even want to go out and take their break. There, they said how good a cup of tea and something sweet would feel. And there sprang the idea of celebrating ARCI’s  70 Anniversary with a Tea Party. Their research started and they collected lots of information on the topic. There were other alternatives in the air, such as competitions, etc. but the Tea Party finally won its place among us.

After our Director of Studies, Prof. Mónica Pérez was informed and she gave us institutional support. Then I introduced the idea of a raffle to make the event more attractive and because I felt both the Institution and our students (not only my group) deserved the chance of getting a present. It was a success and we got many prizes. 


We also agreed Escuela Cacique Taigoré would be the place we would help with donations. We collected many things for the school and the girls in charge of receiving donations were proud of the many objects we got.

Together with this simple account of the project I attach the file we forwarded via our Virtual Classroom to the other groups. The photographs of our Tea Party are part of the series of pictures our Coordinator, Prof. Analía Dobboletta shared with us.



All in all, it was a pleasure to work on this and all of us ( FCE Adults ‘A’ students and myself ) felt really happy and satisfied with the results.

Teacher: Gabriela Muller                       Artículo en Español

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  1. Hi Gaby and FC Adults "A"!
    Congratulations on your project!!
    I believe we've learnt a lot about the origin of tea and we've spent a wonderful time at the tea party.
    Hope we can have the tea party again next year!!!
    Silvia Colombo


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