Exam Classes Online

With a project launched in 2011 for the implementation of Exam Classes online,  we have escalated from First (FCE), to Advanced (CAE) and this year into Proficiency (CPE). We are currently offering all three courses online.

By going online, ARCI gives advanced learners the opportunity to pull down time and distance barriers, 24/7/365. Students decide when to access their virtual classrooms and from where they connect. All our courses have a real-time speaking component to develop oral skills under the guidance of a class teacher. The syllabus is exactly the same as in face-to-face classrooms, with the same coursebook and support materials. Our courses are taught by experienced teachers who cater for the needs of our students and use made-to-measure digital materials. We combine the best aspects of face-to-face and online teaching.

FCE, CAE and CPE develop the language competence and abilities needed to sit Cambridge English Language Assessment exams (University of Cambridge). Students can choose between the paper-based and computer-based exam format.


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  1. Good Luck with that idea. If you Need a hand I am writing an ebook on PET.


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