Diogenes and the Wise Man

Last month we read the short story Diogenes the Wise Man, by James Baldwin and that  inspired us to talk about who we would have liked to be if we weren´t ourselves. The result of this debate made us realize that we all had had a mentor that had made a difference in our lives.

The topic coincided with a unit of the course book entitled INSPIRED. Throughout the pages of this unit, we read and discussed about where people might take or might have taken - Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance- their inspiration from.

Therefore, at the end of the unit, we decided to write about our personal “Muses” -or sources of inspiration- that would lead or have already led us to become an improved version of ourselves.

We would like to share them with you.

If I weren’t myself, I would be Norberto Pelizza.  He was in charge of the discipline at my boarding secondary school.  I admire his wisdom, simplicity and availability.  Unluckily, he died due to cancer two years ago.

Jeremías Brandi
A person who has really inspired me since I was a child is my godfather.

He is a fantastic and talented journalist who has based his whole life on growing in his job but also making a family. I can remember several times that he gave me life tips on what to study at university and “how to get on well with my sister,” as well as politics and geography.

He is such a great and adorable father, son, husband, uncle and of course, godfather, that I’d like to be like him in my future.
Aranza Castillo

Who inspires me?

Someone who inspires me is my pet, Ramona.  She is still a puppy, and she is cute and easy-going, so she transmits me her quietness and makes me feel comfortable when I’m with her.  She also inspires me because I’m certain that she trusts me.  Besides, when I finish working with whatever I’m doing that needs inspiration, she knows I take her to the park, so it’s convenient for her to stay with me and looking at me as if she were insisting me on finishing.

Ayelén Calvet
At school I’ve learnt a lot of things: mathematics, languages, history, etc. Unfortunately, there are very few teachers that can teach you these kinds of things and, at the same time, make you learn how to manage in life.

I was fortunate to have one these teachers. My inspiration nowadays is called Laura, and she is my teacher of Language. She is a gorgeous woman, extremely friendly and tolerant person that cares more about our moral and good manners than about our marks. Laura always places being a good friend, companion and student first. There’s no need to be rude to be respected. It’s a question of knowing what to say and how to say it. Always with good manners and education.
Many writers have inspired me but one in particular: Eduardo Galeano.  I find him original, creative and extremely witty.  Through his writing I could know about him.  I love his simple way of expressing controversial issues like religion, politics, gender, etcetera.

Thanks to Galeano’s influence I can say that now I am more tolerant and respectful of others’ beliefs.  I really consider myself and open-minded person.

Also when I ponder on about myself, on how to be, I realize that the feeling of freedom I have, has been influenced and fed by this great man.

Teacher: Patricia Zorio
Class: FCE 'L'

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