CAE Pioneers sit Computer-based Exam

We are proud to announce that a group of nine candidates, all of them students at Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa, sat CB CAE last 10 December. Today, 13 days later, we celebrate that they all passed their exam with flying colours. Our congratulations to the pioneering team:

Burlán, Florentina
Cristiani, Juan Pablo
Diez, Fernando
Evangelista, Ignacio
Grasso, Francisco
Leguina, Damián
Nuñez, Alejandro
Peñalva, Juan Ignacio
Perpiñá, Juan

Many thanks to Mariana De Biasi, Cristina Insinga, Laura Gieco and Analía Dobboletta for encouraging their students to try this new experience.

Most of the candidates pointed out that the most user friendly test screens are Writing and Reading. These are followed by Listening and Use of English.

Advantages of Writing
- Ease and speed of typing
- Editing versatility
- On screen word count

Advantages of Reading
- Drag and drop feature for Part 2
- Text and questions in parallel for Part 4
- Dynamic navigation menu

Advantages of Listening
- Headphones aid concentration
- Ease and speed of typing
- Part 4 layout

Advantages of Use of English
-In Parts 1, 2 and 5, it is much more meaningful to read the answers embedded in the context.

A word to candidates-to-be:
- You should give it a try! It may sound awkward because we are not used to the CB test but it was clearer. Francisco Grasso.
- It´s a very good experience. If you have the chance, give it a try. Juan Pablo Cristiani.
- Very practical. Juan Ignacio Peñalva
- Really enjoyable experience. You get your results soon. Ignacio Evangelista.
- It is better than the paper based test in every aspect. Alejandro Nuñez

A word to teachers:
- It is quicker to do than the paper test. Juan Pelayo Perpiñá
- Keep on recommending CB tests to students. Florentina Burlán
- Get your students to do the CB exam. Fernando Diez
-The strategies for reading from computer screens and reading from paper are different. Highlighting is not necessary for e-reading. Damián Leguina



  1. It was an awesome experience! I'm glad Mariana persuaded me into taking the CB test!

  2. Congratulations on your excellent results!!!
    Teachers must be very proud of you.
    I hope more students give it a try!! And you get the results so fast!!!!

  3. Well done, boys and the only girl who have tried it!! I admire you, because I would feel really stressed on doing that. Congrats and thanks for your words of encouragement!
    A special word for my former star student: Excellent, Nacho!!
    Pat Zorio


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