Cambridge CAE BCR is a group of adults studying with ARCI at “Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario”.

This year we have done some project work on the use of new media like mobile phones, the Internet and social networks. To carry out the work, we made use of the tools that the new technologies provide. We worked collaboratively both in class and at home through the Internet using several online tools like Google docs and forms to create a survey and write reports on the survey results, as well as some essays regarding the use of the new media for everyday communication.

To collect ideas for the project, I provided my students with some relevant input that would trigger discussion among them. Hover over the following image and then on the icons to access the videos, articles and discussion forums they were presented with:

First of all, my students conducted a survey on the use of the new media in the workplace and at home. Here is the survey they created collaboratively by using Google docs for the first draft and Google forms for the final version.

The students worked in groups to present and analyse the results of the survey in reports. Finally, they dicussed and compared the information they collected and the ideas presented in the input materials, and they worked collaboratively to write three different types of essays. All this collaborative work was done online on Google docs partly in class and partly at home and required a lot of hard work including feedback analysis and editing. 

Here’s the result of this process and my students’ time and effort:

Report 1

Report 2 

For and Against Essay

Opinion Essay

Essay suggesting solutions to a problem 1

Essay suggesting solutions to a problem 2

Both my students and I enjoyed doing this project work because the topic was appealing and very up-to-date, the tools we used were different from those used in traditional classes, the activities were meaningful and the work was collaborative, which means we shared the effort, as well as the sense of achievement and satisfaction of having accomplished the task by using English and the new media tools.

Teacher:  Gabriela Cuscione

Class: CAE BCR

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  1. Definitely, Gaby, I'd suggest you start thinking about including this project in an application to attend a Congress. FAAPI next year, maybe? Or TESOL in the States? It's not only a great example of how several Internet tools can be exploited together for a students' project, it's also a very interesting example for colleagues to profit from!


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